The great irnportance of the distinction between declarative and procedural knowledge

Chen Jiamu


So far as we know, apparently the declarative knowledge interacts and combines with the procedural knowledge. But seen from a cognitively psychological point of view, il seems important, as this paper clairns,to make a distinction between these two aspects of knowledge. The implication of this distinction for teachers or educators lies in that it helps make clear what hurnan beings are endowed with, how differently they function, and how to adapt human beings more adequatety to what are offered with, in an attempt to help students optimize or maximize their learning results.

According to the points suggested by this paper, being able to distinguish between the two types of knowledge can enhance teachers awareness of the teaching rnethods to be adopted, bring into full playmore positive factors of each of the two types of knowledge, and may reveal some more human potential resources to be tapped.

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