Vol 40, No 1 (2022)

Table of Contents

Medical rescuers’ occupational health during COVID-19: Contribution of coping and emotion regulation on burnout, trauma and post-traumatic growth PDF
Sílvia Monteiro Fonseca, Sónia Cunha, Rui Campos, Sara Faria, Márcio Silva, M. Joaquina Ramos, Guilherme Azevedo, António Ruão Barbosa, Cristina Queirós 1-13
Coping with the COVID-19 pandemic: Strategies employed by different sociodemographic groups and their role on quality of life PDF
Alice Murteira Morgado, Joana Cruz, Maria Manuela Peixoto 15-31
Family foster care: Perceptions of Portuguese child protection professionals PDF
Mariana Negrão, Maria Ana Mendonça, Elisa Veiga, Lurdes Veríssimo, Marina Moreira 33-47
The influence of organizational compassion on Job Crafting: A motivational resource facilitator? PDF
Maria Leonor Araújo, Helena Águeda Marujo, Miguel Pereira Lopes, Paulo Almeida Pereira 49-63
Perceived cost of newly prescribed medication and supplementary diagnostic tests in the elderly: An experimental approach PDF
Miguel Oliveira, António M. Diniz 65-79
The mediator role of the perceived working conditions and safety leadership on the relationship between safety culture and safety performance: A case study in a Portuguese construction company PDF
Miguel Côrte-Real Magalhães, Filomena Jordão, Patrício Costa 81-99
The impact of a naturalistic intervention on preschool children’s morphological awareness development PDF
João Rosa, Margarida Alves Martins 101-116
Children’s social and emotional behavior: Role of maternal emotion regulation, psychopathological symptomatology, and family functioning PDF
Sónia Carvalho Simões, Filipa Inácio, Helena Espirito-Santo 117-131
Psychometric properties of the Brazilian version of Clinical Perfectionism Questionnaire after rewording negatively keyed items PDF
Luiz Fellipe Dias da Rocha, José Augusto Evangelho Hernandez, Eliane Mary de Oliveira Falcone 133-146
Validation of the revised Belief in a Just World Scale based on Popular Sayings PDF
Layanne Vieira Linhares, Ana Raquel Rosas Torres, Cícero Roberto Pereira 147-156

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