Vol 39, No 2 (2021)

Table of Contents

Innovative moments on online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for alcohol dependence: a case study PDF
Maira Leon Ferreira, Mariana Carret Soares, Nathálya Soares Ribeiro, Andressa Bianchi Gumier, Inês Sousa, Pablo Fernández-Navarro, Laisa Marcorela Andreoli Sartes, Miguel M. Gonçalves 171-183
Structural empowerment and mental health in healthcare professionals: The role of civility PDF
Luísa Ribeiro, Rute Brites, Tito Laneiro, Amanda Elizabeth Lai 185-197
Inconsistent reporting of life experiences: What people think and how they explain it? PDF
Vanessa Azevedo, Carla Martins, Margarida Carvalho, Ângela Maia 199-211
Feeling better in the presence of others: It may depend on whether you are a man or a woman PDF
Teresa Garcia-Marques, Marília Prada, Ricardo Fonseca, Alexandre Fernandes 213-228
Invented spelling intervention programmes: Comparing explicit and implicit instructions PDF
Tiago Almeida, Ana Cristina Silva, João Rosa 229-245
Dark Triad: Associations with juvenile delinquency, conduct disorder and trauma PDF
Victor Hugo Gregório Palma, Pedro Pechorro, Joseph Prather, Rafaela Matavelli, Adriana Correia, Saúl Neves Jesus 247-261-
Application of hypnosis in psychOncology: A review of the literature PDF
Sónia Remondes-Costa, Filipa Magalhães, Inês Martins, André Louro, Martim Santos, M. Graça Pereira 263-275
Parenting and child well-being during the COVID-19 outbreak: The importance of marital adjustment and parental self-efficacy PDF
Eva Diniz, Tânia Brandão, Lígia Monteiro, Manuela Veríssimo 277-286
Adaptation and initial validation of the Career Resources Questionnaire for Portuguese – HE Students form PDF
Sílvia Monteiro, Leandro Almeida 287-298
Multidimensional Factor Structure of the Modified Child Rearing Practices Report questionnaire (CRPR-Q) in a sample of Portuguese mothers: A bifactor approach PDF
Olívia Ribeiro, Maryse Guedes, Manuela Veríssimo, Kenneth H. Rubin, António J. Santos 299-311

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