Vol 36, No 4 (2018)

Table of Contents

Spontaneous trait inference and transference: Exploring the link between names and traits PDF
Tânia Ramos, Leonel Garcia-Marques, David Hamilton 399-408
Parents and Internet: What kind of usage? PDF (Português (Portugal))
Sandra R. Santos, Nuno Gago, Arminda Suárez Perdomo, María José Rodrigo 409-425
Youth positive development: An exploratory study carried out with Portuguese students PDF (Português (Portugal))
Jorge Luís Esperança, Cláudia Dias, Robert John Brustad, António Manuel Fonseca 427-437
The influence of meaning in life and depression in multiple sclerosis PDF (Português (Portugal))
Catarina Ramos Pinto, Marina Guerra 439-453
I arrived first! Autochthony and national nostalgia as mechanisms of prejudice reduction PDF (Português (Portugal))
Nivalda Novo Reis, Rita Guerra 455-469
Infertility and relational satisfaction: A comparative study of dyads according to the reproductive stage PDF (Português (Portugal))
Soraia Andrade, Mariana Veloso Martins 471-483
Collaborative practices of Portuguese school psychologists: An analysis of typologies and contexts PDF (Português (Portugal))
Sofia A. Mendes, Ana Isabel Pinto, Isabel Macedo Pinto Abreu-Lima, Leandro Silva Almeida 485-500
Caregiving Helplessness Questionnaire (CHQ) applied to Portuguese mothers of preschool-aged children: A psychometric study PDF
Carolina Toscano, Joana Baptista, Ana Mesquita, Carol George, Isabel Soares 501-514
Psychological sense of community: The study of SCI-2 scale in an association context PDF (Português (Portugal))
Olga Oliveira Cunha, José Ornelas, Maria João Vargas Moniz 515-526

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