Vol 38, No 1 (2020)

Table of Contents

Aesthetic development in children, adolescents and young adults PDF
Teresa Almeida Rocha, Francisco Peixoto, Saúl Neves Jesus 1-13
Can we count on each other? An inquiry about Portuguese citizens’ individual and relational dispositions PDF
Maria Minas 15-31
Agreement between reported vs. measured anthropometric data and relation with parental feeding practices in preschool years PDF (Português (Portugal))
Ana Filipa Santos, Carla Fernandes, Sara Cardia, Marília Fernandes, Kelly K. Bost, Manuela Veríssimo 33-50
The Leventhal´s Self-regulatory Model in Breast Cancer PDF
Susana Fernandes 51-63
Urgent decision-making in extreme circumstances: Associations with cognitive reflection and with responses to moral dilemmas PDF
Alejandro César Cosentino, Sergio Héctor Azzara, Aldana Sol Grinhauz, Susana Celeste Azzollini 65-74
Psychological adjustment and language development of young children in residential care PDF (Português (Portugal))
Joana Campos Pereira, Maria Acciaiuoli Barbosa-Ducharne, Pedro Dias 75-86
Generation and testing of emergent traits in composite professional stereotypes PDF
Miguel F. Benrós, André R. Vaz, Hugo Assunção, Ana Sofia Santos, Tomás A Palma, Leonel Garcia-Marques 87-110
Family Cohesion and Flexibility: Validation of the FACES IV Package with Portuguese Adolescents PDF (Português (Portugal))
Maria Gouveia-Pereira, Hugo Gomes, Mariana Miranda, Maria de Jesus Candeias 111-126
Psychometric properties of the Portuguese version of the Achievement Emotions Questionnaire for Elementary School PDF
Cristina Sanches, Vera Monteiro, Lourdes Mata, Natalie Santos, Marta Gomes 127-139

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