Vol 38, No 2 (2020)

Table of Contents

When does brand matter more than our senses? The influence of touching or smelling experience on product evaluation PDF
Teresa Garcia-Marques, Marília Prada 141-151
Cognitive deficits, social support, depression and quality of life of post-stroke patients PDF
Flávia Sousa, Vânia Rocha, Clara Estima, São Luís Castro, Marina Prista Guerra 153-165
Predictors of outcomes following a brief Portuguese parental nutrition intervention PDF
Ana Isabel Gomes, Luísa Barros, Ana Isabel Pereira 167-179
The relationship between abusive supervision and organizational trust: The role of subordinates’ self-esteem PDF
Maria João Velez 181-197
Analysis of reading errors in Portuguese: Digraphs and complex syllabic structures PDF
Edlia Alves Simoes, Margarida Alves Martins 199-210
Career profiles: Career entrenchment or adaptation to change? PDF
Lucília Cardoso Oliveira, Miguel Pereira Lopes, Sónia Gonçalves 211-227
Revenge and forgiveness: Two sides of the same coin? PDF (Português (Portugal))
Darlene Pinho Fernandes de Moura, Sophia Lóren de Holanda Sousa, Isabele Negreiros de Queiroz Pereira, Mariana Gonçalves Farias, Quésia Fernandes Cataldo, Walberto Silva dos Santos 229-240
Rushing to the end: Participants’ perceptions of demotivating aspects of online surveys PDF
João Martins, Leonor Lavradio 241-256
Animacy norms for 224 European Portuguese concrete words PDF
Sara B. Félix, Josefa N. S. Pandeirada, James S. Nairne 257-269
The closed-ended questions formats: The nature, validity and reliability of their responses PDF (Português (Portugal))
Teresa Garcia-Marques, Rui Bártolo-Ribeiro 271-288

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