Vol 39, No 1 (2021)

Table of Contents

Effortful control assessed by parental report and laboratory observation and adjustment in early childhood PDF
Ana Maria Pereira, Ana Isabel Pereira, Teresa Marques 1-13
Emotion socialization parenting practices of mother and father in adolescence: A systematic review of literature PDF
Sara Maia, Ana Isabel Pereira 15-26
Profiles of behavioral inhibition and anxiety symptoms during the preschool years PDF
Carina Marques, Maryse Guedes, Manuela Veríssimo, Kenneth H. Rubin, António J. Santos 27-38
Stereotypes, emotions, and behaviours in intergroup context in Portugal PDF
Teresa Nascimento, Mauro Bianchi 39-51
“The adventures of Conch and Coral” – The benefits of an universal prevention board game for children aged between 6-10 PDF (Português (Portugal))
Joana Dias Alexandre, Rute Agulhas, Helena Carvalho, Catarina Lopes 53-64
Does coping mediate the effect of financial threat on life satisfaction? A multigroup analysis PDF
Rafaela Dias Matavelli, Saul Neves Jesus, Patrícia Pinto, João Viseu 65-76
Psychosocial assessment of lung cancer patients and their caregivers PDF
Cátia Andreia Clara, Sara Otília Marques Monteiro, Ana Cláudia Pereira Bártolo 77-91
Parental control in different life contexts for paediatric cystic fibrosis patients PDF
Catiele Paixão, Patrícia Alvarenga, Luisa Barros, Edna Lúcia Souza 93-105
Norming studies for lexicosemantic and affective characteristics of European Portuguese words: A literature review PDF
Sara B. Félix, Josefa N. S. Pandeirada 107-131
Behavior as a stereotype cue: An European Portuguese pretest on age and gender stereotypes PDF
Margarida Cipriano, André Ribeiro Vaz, Jéssica Rolho, Ana Sofia Santos, Paula Carneiro 133-170

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