Vol 37, No 1 (2019)

Table of Contents

Sleep, aggressiveness and risk behaviors in individuals dependent on drugs and alcohol PDF (Português (Portugal))
Andreia Antunes, Eleonora C. V. Costa 1-14
Social representations of HIV/AIDS for adolescents: A structural approach PDF (Português (Portugal))
Jefferson Luiz de Cerqueira Castro, José Victor de Oliveira Santos, Ludgleydson Fernandes de Araújo, André Faro, Ana Paula Porto da Rocha, Sara Teles Reis 15-27
The other side of self-monitoring: Inhibition control in and out a social context PDF
Pedro Figueira, Teresa Garcia-Marques 29-39
How transactive memory systems and reflexivity relate with innovation in healthcare teams PDF
Pedro Marques-Quinteiro, Luís Curral, Ana Passos, Kyle Lewis, Catarina Gomes 41-51
Self-concept in persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disability in Portugal: A systematic review PDF (Português (Portugal))
Inês Fonseca, Bruno Almeida, Sara Roldão, Rita Jesus, Joana Lopes, Sofia Santos 53-70
Links between use of the secure base script and preschool children’s knowledge about emotions PDF
Carla Fernandes, Manuela Verissimo, Marilia Fernandes, Marta Antunes, António J. Santos, Brian E. Vaughn 71-80
Public knowledge and perceptions on family foster care: Contributes to it’s development PDF (Português (Portugal))
Mariana Negrão, Marina Moreira, Lurdes Veríssimo, Elisa Veiga 81-92
The Portuguese version of the Cyber Dating Abuse Questionnaire (CDAQ): Adapting and psychometric properties PDF (Português (Portugal))
Sónia Maria Caridade, Teresa Braga 93-105
A pilot study of the Portuguese version of the Voices Acceptance and Action Scale: Psychometric properties in a clinical sample with psychosis-spectrum disorders PDF
Maria João Martins, Paula Castilho, António Macedo, Ana Telma Pereira, Paula Vagos, Diana Carvalho, Ana Carolina Pascoal, Célia Barreto Carvalho 107-118

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